Official Philanthropy Partner – India Cares Foundation

India Cares is a non-profit organization, which believes in the Civil Society Organisations (CSO) and serves as a friend to them. The aim is to collaborate with CSOs all over India. The activities are centered on resource mobilisation, donor relations and leadership development through collaborations with individuals and organizations

Vision: A civil society that inspires and encourages support.

Mission: We enable CSOs to effectively communicate and engage the public.

Focus: Support in Donor Communication and Management, Leadership Involvement and Resource Mobilisation.

India Cares approach is as a ‘friend’ to CSOs, being non-judgemental; open to all causes - are cause neutral; develop services whereby CSOs can ‘learn-by-doing’. India Cares does not raise money from the public and distribute funds in the form of ‘grants’ & Encourage CSOs to enhance their accountability and transparency.

Since 2008, India Cares has worked with over 1000 CSOs while helping them learn about donor management & communications enabled them to raise INR 65+ crore. India Cares has also has association with over 275 companies.

India Cares works with the leaders in the social sector and enables peer to peer learning and networking through the program ‘CEO Forum’. The other program is ‘ReachOut’, an initiative in a capacity building program where CSOs learn skills and build their internal capacity in the section of ‘Donor Management & Communication’.

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