Friday, 19th May
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3:00 PM To 3:30 PM

Rochelle Lima

Fuelling your 10K

  • Importance of FeedYourRun - Nutrition while training and preparing for the ‘Big Day’
  • Differences in the dietary and nutrition requirements for a short distance run v/s a long distance run
  • Dispelling some myths:
    • Carb loading – The right way to do it
    • Protein needs – Both pre and post run
    • Fat loading- The new science or fad
    • Hydration – The forgotten hero
  • Some simple Nutrition/Diet tips to optimize your performance

4:00 PM To 4:30 PM

Kannan S

The next 48 hrs

  • The next 48 hrs-
  • Up to this point... what you should have done Priming the body - 2 days before the run Race day demands & planning Rest and recovery Post race
Saturday, 20th May
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12:30 PM to 1:00 PM

Chandrasekaran Subramanian

Tackling the 10K route

  • Take you through the route KM by KM and how to optimize it best to get your PB

1:30 PM To 2:00 PM

Experience Sharing

Experience sharing

  • Come hear some first time runners on how they prepared for their first race and also meet some of the most experienced runners around who will share their experiences