TCS World 10K Event Helpline No.: +91 80 4173 99 55 (Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm)

Open 10K Rules

1.      Medals and merit certificates will be awarded to Open 10K runners as per rules given hereunder.

2.      The first 3 Open 10K Run finishers (men and women) falling within the age groups given below will be entitled to be respective gold, silver and bronze medals and merit certificates –

Age group: 15 years to less than 20 years

Age group: 50 years to less than 60 years

Age group: 20 years to less than 30 years

Age group: 60 years to less than 70 years

Age group: 30 years to less than 40 years

Age group: 70 years and above

Age group: 40 years to less than 50 years


3.      Runners will be placed in age groups based on the date of birth mentioned by respective runners in the application forms and/or documents submitted along with the application forms.

4.      Finish positions will be based on net finish timings of each runner. Entitlement to medals and certificates are also subject to -

             a.   Bib tag timing having captured across all timing points on the Open 10K Run course, including at the start and finish mats,

             b. Visual screening of runners’ race day images after race day, and

             c.   Age verification of winners – winners declared may be required to submit a certified true copy of their passport/election card/PAN card to the event promoters.

5.      Runners found to have interchanged their bib tag and/or their running number bib with another or have submitted incorrect information/documents as may be required by the event promoters, will be disqualified from the event, and shall be liable to be disqualified from the subsequent edition of the Event.

6.      Names of Open 10K Run winners will be announced on the official event website after race day. Winners will also be contacted personally by the organizers on the address mentioned by the participant in his/her entry form.


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