TCS World 10K Event Helpline No.: +91 80 4173 99 55 (Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm)

Important Information For Open 10K Run Applicants

Your entry to the Open 10K Run category will be confirmed based on the ‘confirmation criteria’ explained in details below. Please do not apply for the Open 10K Run if you cannot complete the run in 1 hour 30 min. Applications received with a relevant timing certificate will get preference at the time of confirmation. You can also submit your latest timing certificate of the half marathon, 25 Km run or marathon race category. Timing certificate of Recognized timed relay race, where an individual covers a distance of minimum 10 km, will be considered to qualify for Open 10K Run race category.


Your application for Open 10K Run is confirmed basis on the preference criteria given below.

I] TIMING CRITERIA: For an applicant who has participated in an event and completed the distance of 10 km within 1 hour 30 mins OR Half Marathon within 3 hours 19 mins OR 25 km within 3 hour 58 mins OR marathon within 6 hours 54 mins. In order to be eligible for this criteria -

  1. The running event you have participated in must be an AIMS ratified event or an event conducted under the aegis of your state/district athletics association or sports control board.
  2. The running event was conducted within two years prior to race date,
  3. You have attached a photocopy of the official timing certificate issued to you along with this application form.

II] WOMEN’S CRITERIA: There are a limited number of running places reserved for women applicants who cannot produce a timing certificate as mentioned above.

III] GENERAL CATEGORY: Where your application does not fall under either of the above criteria, or the application cannot be confirmed under either of the 2 above criteria for whatsoever reasons, other than the application being rejected/invalid, your application will be placed under the general category where limited applications are accepted. Applications under general category will be accepted on first come first served basis and event promoters will stop accepting applications as and when the limited running spaces kept aside for “General Category” are filled.

Important: Preference will be given to applications falling within the Timing and Women criteria for entry confirmation. Confirmation is subject to verification of your documents submitted, eligibility of your application under the given criteria, availability of running spaces and of course the Entry Rules & Guidelines.

PRIORITY LINE-UP: Confirmed applicants of Open 10K Run category will be eligible for priority line-up on race day within the line-up area, based on the finish times mentioned in the timing certificates submitted along with respective application forms. Timing certificates with finish times of distance 10K, half marathon, 25 Km Run or marathon (as given above) will be eligible for priority line-up in Open 10K Run :

Line-up Section* in Open 10K Run :

Distance / Line-Up Section

Section A


Section B


Section C


Section D


Section E


Section F


10 km distance

Under 00:50

00:50 to under 01:00

01:00 to under 01:05

01:05 to under 01:10

01:10 to under 01:20

01:20 & above +
participants without timing certificate

*NOTE: Request for change in line-up section will be accepted on email id:, as per the latest timing certificate provided to registration team on or before 18th April 2015. No request for change in line up section will be entertained post 18 th April 2015.

Please note:

  • No group registration will be accepted for the Open 10K Run category.
  • Please ensure that you attach a copy of your photo identity proof issued by the Government, i.e. passport, PAN card or Aadhar card, along with your application form.
  • A representative can submit up to 10 individual application forms.
  • Open 10K Run confirmed participants are required to visit the expo individually to collect their running bib. In case of unavoidable circumstances, a participant can send his/her representative to collect running number bib on his/her behalf. Please note, a representative will NOT be allowed to collect running number bib on behalf of more than ONE Open 10K runner.

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