Who are Pace Setters?

A pace-setter is a runner who is a veteran of many races and knows the art of pace setting. Pacer is a committed runner who is able to set a steady pace throughout the distance and bring in the group of runners following him/her from the start to the finish at the predetermined time.

The group following a pace setter is called a ‘Bus’. The idea is that the pacer must finish just a few minutes under the promised time. So, if you have joined the sub 1:00 hour bus, the pace setter will lead you to through the finish line somewhere between 0:55 and 0:59 minutes, and not by 0:50 minutes or 1:02 hours.

Pacers for TCS World 10K 2017

On race day, you will be able to identify a pace setter with the help of a flag which he/she will be carrying, specifying the time within which he/she expects to cross the finish mat. The finish time will essentially be the net finish time; which means the time taken for an individual to finish his/her race after having hit the start mat at the Start Gate.

We have pacers for Open 10K for following time slots:


  • Umang Kamra
  • Murali Gaddam


  • Sukhchain Singh
  • Sumit Chadha


  • Dinesh Heda
  • Akhilesh Kamath




  • Devander Bhatia


  • Lokesh Rekapalli
  • Mahalakshmi Sagar


  • Jaya Jaya Raman S
  • Nandini Ashokumar


  • Rajapriya Sivakumar
  • Govindarajan Krishnan

A runner can also contact the Pacer, he/she wishes to join, here

Alternatively, on the race day, you can just approach the Pacer who is pacing the bus you wish to join and tell them that you are joining him/her.