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Unveiling of Winners Trophy

The Trophy encapsulates the energy, the history and the geography of Mumbai city. The human figure exuberating confidence is not just the Marathon runner but the everyday Mumbaikar whose journey takes him across the seven islands of Mumbai city. The symbolic seven islands are also shown as spaces in the human body. Standing on seven pillars of different length the runner overcomes the seven hurdles, emotions to succeed in this race.

For the average Mumbaikar there is a great emotional connect with the marathon. The runners and the onlookers see the marathon as their triumph over the hurdles of life and not just living in Mumbai. The body language of the trophy is positive without any arrogance but with a hint of a smile of a winner. Of one who knows that he will eventually overcome.

 The seven pillars stand for Ritual, Shock, Denial, Isolation, Despair, Affirmation & Renewal. This are emotions that are visited by every Mumbaikar almost everyday in their life, for every coin of success is the other side of failure and every single emotion that the Pillar stand for are the living emotions of every Mumbaikar and that is what makes the Marathon so dear to this city.

The Creator  Paresh Maity

Paresh is the young turk of the Indian contemporary art world, born in Tamluk, West Bengal, the rural hinterland gave Paresh a unique sensibility, he understood people, the environment, its fluidity, its transitional nature, that it was never static and it never repeated itself. His understanding of atmospherics and the connection of time with light, day, water has made him amongst the finest painter, sculptor of the Indian contemporary art world.

He graduated from the Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata and did his masters from the College of Art, New Delhi and has had over 60 solo shows all over the world. He is also the winner of Dayawati Modi award for Art & Culture that was previously won by likes of Dalai lama, Amitabh Bachchan, Mother Threasa etc. Besides he is the only Indian to win The Royal Water Colour Society™s award and many other awards.

 Paresh�€™s works are in the most prestigious collection in India & Abroad, his sculptors & installations are also seen in many prestigious public & private institutions and also in public spaces

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