TCS World 10K Event Helpline No.: +91 80 4173 99 55 (Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm)


DHL Corporate Champions is open only for registered companies/firms in existence for a minimum period of 1 year from the date of application.

A company/organization/firm can field a team comprising of 2 men and 1 woman full time current employees for the DHL Corporate Champions, each team member covering a distance of 10 km. A company/firm can field up to 10 such teams. Team members need to be permanent full time employees who have been in the company for a minimum of one year. Contractual/outsourced/trainees/interns/deputed employees and/ or employees in probation period will not be allowed to participate. Click here to view Entry Rules.

The aggregate of the net timings of all 3 runners will decide the finish positions of the team under this category. However, prize money winning positions will be awarded to the best one performing team of each participating company, depending upon their standings in the overall finish positions. A company will stand a chance of winning only one position out of the top 5 prize money positions in this race category, irrespective of their teams’ overall standings.

A special Trophy will also be awarded to the ‘Best Performing Company‘. The criteria which will decide the best performing company are –

  • Only a company fielding 5 or more teams will be eligible for this prize,

  • The winning company will be the one with the fastest cumulative net finish time after collating the aggregate net finish timings of each of its teams.

In addition to team recognition, there is prize money for the fastest male and female runner of the DHL Corporate Champions category.

Click here to view DHL Corporate Champions prize money.

Prize money winnings are subject to the DHL Corporate Champions rules and regulations.

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