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Corporate Cares

The CORPORATE CARES category lends companies an opportunity to monetarily support an CSO of their choice and to engage their employees to participate in TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2016.

Companies can choose from any of the CSOs listed with India Cares for the Event, to donate the amount contributed by them. If the company’s preferred CSO is not registered with India Cares Foundation, India Cares Foundation will assist the CSO in completing its registration formalities and thereby stand to benefit through its association with the Event.

At TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2016, companies can choose to field Corporate Cares teams of following team strengths:

Team 10: A company makes an upfront non-refundable contribution of INR 1,00,000 in favour of chosen CSO and fields a team of upto 10 employees.
Team 25: A company makes an upfront non-refundable contribution of INR 2,00,000 in favour of chosen CSO and fields a team of upto 25 employees.
Team 40: A company makes an upfront non-refundable contribution of INR 3,00,000 in favour of chosen CSO and fields a team of upto 40 employees.

The amounts above do not include the applicable event entry fees for individual team members. These need to be paid additionally depending upon the race category chosen by individual team members. The table of applicable event entry fees is mentioned further in this note.

India Cares gets 10% of the donated amount as donations for the support provided to the participating CSO and the Company.

Privileges for Corporate Cares teams:

  1. Regular pre race day communication from India Cares Foundation.
  2. Meetings with team leaders to give Event updates, pledge raising tips, standardized presentations which they can use to motivate their team members.
  3. Acknowledgement on India Cares Foundation’s website.
  4. Companies who complete the process of registering, making donations and run registration payments by 20th April 2016 will have their name printed on their Team’s running bibs.
  5. Team members participating in the Majja Run race category will be hosted in a special Corporate Cares holding area at the event venue on race day.
  6. Visibility for company and CSO supporting within the Corporate Cares holding area.
  7. MD or CEO of top 2 contributing companies of TCS W10K 2016 Bengaluru will be hosted at the Grand Stand on race day to cheer their participating team.
  8. Race day photographs for top 2 fund raising members in a Corporate Cares team (where captured by event’s official photographers, To be eligible for this, the team member must have raised a minimum of INR 10,000 for his/her chosen cause and such funds must have been submitted and reported to India Cares Foundation on or before 30th May 2016.
  9. Team acknowledgement in the docket published post race day.

Invitation to 2 representatives, of company’s top management whose employees have raised a minimum of INR 1,00,000 funds through the TCS W10K Bengaluru 2016, for the post event function.


Process No. 1: Company registration

  • Fill the Corporate Cares registration form
  • Choose the CSO/s the team wishes to support
  • Issue a cheque of upfront contribution of INR 1,00,000 or INR 2,00,000 or INR 3,00,000, as the case may be, drawn in favour of the chosen CSO or India Cares Foundation. Where cheque is drawn in favour of India Cares, India Cares shall disburse the amount to the beneficiary CSO after deducting applicable donations for support.
  • Submit the form along with the cheque at the India Cares Foundation office.

Process No. 2: Putting together a team – Once the company registration formalities are completed with India Cares Foundation as given above, companies now need to start putting together their team of 10, 25 or 40 as the case may be.

    • Each company must get individual Event entry forms filled and signed by each of their individual employees who will be the team members of their Corporate Cares team/s.
    • These forms must be submitted together to India Cares at their office under a covering letter on company letter head stating the number of entries attached in each race category and the name and contact details of one point of person within the company who will be responsible to dispense information to the entire team.
    • Along with the forms, the company will be required to submit a separate cheque in favour of “Procam International Ltd. –W10K” for the event participation fee of its team members. This will be one single cheque, consolidating entry fees of all team members, depending upon the race category chosen by each member.
    • Final submission of the forms must be done no later than 20th April 2016.
    • Entries coming in post the 20th of April will be asked to fill an Excel sheet as per specifications provided, and that sheet along with the filled forms have to reach us no later than the 30th of April 2016.

Important Points:

  • Mandatory fields including photographs, date of birth, emergency contact number,signature etc. are essential for forms of individual team members to be accepted and confirmed.
  • Once the physical forms are submitted to India Cares, no changes will be entertained.
  • All Open 10K runners will be required to collect their running numbers personally or authorise an individual to collect the running number on their behalf, from the Get Active Expo. In all circumstances, only one running number will be handed over to an individual.

The employees of a Corporate Cares team can download the pledge kit free of cost from the philanthropy partner’s website

CEO Dash

Corporate Cares is a collective effort of all involved within the company to make a positive impact in society. As in any company initiatives, the involvement of the top management becomes imperative. India Inc. has put its best foot forward by contributing to charity. A 400 mtrs sprint will be conducted on race day (15th May 2016) only for the CEOs/MDs/India Heads of participating Corporate Care teams, who will be flag bearers for the collective cause his/her company respectively supports. It’s a chance for the CEOs to move out of the board room and place himself as an athlete and crusader. All participating CEO’s will be hosted in the VIP marquee and will be presented with an Invitee car park. Though there is no additional entry fee for participation in the CEO Dash, we urge the CEOs to individually raise funds in support of the respective CSO their company supports. Last date to confirm participation of your CEO to India Cares is 15th April 2016.