Shakti Fund is a common pool which incentivizes CSOs/ NGOs based on their performance in individual fundraising initiatives as per parameters defined by India Cares below.

CSOs/ NGOs can generate extra income through the 2017 TCS World 10k Bengaluru - Basis the category of the CSO (Small, Medium, Large) at the time of registration with India Cares Foundation for the Event - CSOs/ NGOs will stand to receive respective bonus amount when they raise the minimum funds specified below (bonus amount means eligibility for that category). Funds raised through individual contributions only are applicable - not from any Corporate. The date of the credit in the bank is the date of accounting for this section.

CSOs/ NGO Incentive - Only CSOs who achieve these by 30th April are eligible

CSO/NGO category Bonus amount eligibility Bonus amount to the CSO/ NGO
Very Small First CSO to Raise > INR 2 lakh INR 50,000
Small First CSOs/ NGOs raising over INR 5 Lakh INR 75,000
Medium First CSO/ NGO raising over INR 8 Lakh INR 1,00,000
Large First CSO/ NGO raising over INR 15 Lakh INR 1,50,000

1. Youth Cares Team Incentive – First Team of 3 students raising funds

Youth Cares Bonus amount eligibility Bonus Amount
Youth Cares Team 1st team to raise INR 1 lakh INR 25,000
1 Lucky Youth Care Team Has raised at least INR 1 lakh INR 25,000

2. iCare Fundraiser Incentive – records to be received ICFn by 10 May

iCare Fundraisers Draw at the Expo Bonus amount eligibility with minimum 10 unique donors Bonus Amount
2 lucky Fundraisers (each) INR 1,00,000 – INR 3,00,000 INR 25,000
1 lucky Fundraiser INR 3,00,001 – INR 5,00,000 INR 50,000
1 lucky Fundraiser INR 5,00,001 above INR 75,000

3. Special Incentives

CSO/ NGO Gets in following criteria Least Amt/ Number to qualify Bonus from Shakti Fund
Highest online donations raised through India Cares Site – by Race Day INR 5,00,000 INR 50,000
Max no. of individual unique Donors on 30 May 2017 (as It is the 10th edition of the event on 21 May, 2017) Min. 1017 donors INR 1,02,017


Every person who comes to the expo can cast a vote in the name of a CSO (minimum votes that a CSO gets eligible to be counted in top 3 is 200 votes)
INR 1.50 lakh to the highest voted CSO
INR 0.75 lakh to the 2nd
INR 0.50 lakh for 3rd highest voted CSO

Note: The maximum amount that can be earned by an CSO/ NGO will be INR 2,50,000.