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  1. How is the TCS World 10k Bangalore connected with philanthropy?

    TCS World 10k Bangalore has assumed a stature of eminence. Each year, more than 90 NGOs participate in the event and raise funds for their respective organizations. Many participants use the event as a reason to give back to their society and the underprivileged.

  2. What is the role of Official Charity Partner Bangalore Cares?

    Bangalore Cares is the Charity Partner for TCS World 10k Bangalore since 2008. The Charity Partner serves as a Philanthropy Exchange for various charities and non-profits. As Official NGO Partner, Bangalore Cares is responsible for:

    • Registration of voluntary sector organisations to fund-raise through this event, by ensuring that required entry criteria are met by the organisations and necessary documentation is submitted
    • Ensuring that information about registered organisations is available to the public both on this website, the official event website and on request
    • Liaising between the organisers  Procam International and the NGO Participants
    • Providing necessary administrative support to Care Champions, Corporate cares teams, iCare participants
    • Providing necessary support to NGO Participants in their fund-raising efforts
    • Try and get many more people involved in the socials sector by promoting the work done by the participating NGOs.
  3. Which charities are eligible for fund-raising through this event?

    Only those charities registered with the event’s official charity partner are eligible for fund- raising through this event. Bangalore Cares conducts a preliminary scrutiny process and due diligence for registering the NGOs for the event. The list of these charities is published on the Bangalore Cares’s website.

  4. How do I choose a cause?

    Bangalore Cares endeavors to partner with as many NGOs from diverse causes and bring them all under the umbrella of Marathon fundraising. Simply think about the cause that is closest to your heart and select the specific charity working in that area from the list provided on Bangalore Cares’s website This list keeps on updating as and when more NGOs register.

  5. In case the NGO of my choice has not registered with you for the event, what do you suggest I do?

    You can always get in touch with the particular NGO and get them registered with Bangalore Cares. Please ask them to email / write to  expressing their interest in participating in the event. A request is that the contact information should be clear, updated and legible. Bangalore Cares will then send them a registration form which they will need to fill and send back to Bangalore Cares.

  6. Can an NGO based outside Bangalore register for the event?

    Yes, NGOs based anywhere in India can register for the event. However NGO’s not possessing 80G registration are not eligible to register as Bangalore

  7. Can I run for more than one NGO?

    Yes, you can run for more than one NGO. But it is advisable to run for a single NGO so that there is maximum impact of the funds that are donated.

  8. What if I am not sure which NGO to run for?

    Bangalore Cares will aid you in the process of short listing a set of NGOs that closely fit the criteria list you would require to provide. The NGO that Bangalore Cares will shortlist will be from among the ones that are registered for the event.

  9. Is there an email id where we can clarify our doubts?

    Yes. All queries can be mailed to  and they will be answered.

  10. What is pledge raising?

    Pledge Raising or Fund Raising is an initiative where an individual collects donations for a charity he/she feels strongly about by asking his/her friends, colleagues and other acquaintances for funds. Pledge Raising not only gives you a chance to make a difference in the life of underprivileged but also sets you on the path of social networking for a noble cause.

  11. What happens if I don’t reach my target?

    You will, don’t even start with that thought! With the right commitment and a good fundraising plan you have plenty of time and support you need from Bangalore Cares to reach your fundraising goal.

  12. What’s the easiest and best way for me to keep track of my pledges?

    Create an Online Giving Page at and you can easily track pledges online from your supporters. For offline payments, use the pledge sheet which can be downloaded from Bangalore Cares’s website. It is the easiest way to keep track of all the pledges you have raised. Remember to update the sheet as soon as you receive a pledge, and make sure you record the full address of all your donors on the pledge sheet, as this is required by Income Tax Law April 1, 2006 onwards.

  13. What are the modes of collection I can use to raise pledges?
    • Online by creating your own Online Giving Page on our website.
    • Offline through cheques. Every donor needs to make a cheque in favor of the NGO you are supporting
    • Fill up the pledge sheet with donor details and send it to Bangalore Cares’s office along with the cheques.
    • You can download the pledge kit from our website
  14. Do all the pledges for the listed charities have to go through Bangalore Cares?

    No. Pledges can be collected in the name of the NGO you are supporting. Just make sure you are collecting the donor’s full name, address, contact number for the NGO to send them the tax receipts. Receipts for online donations through your page on Bangalore Cares website will be emailed directly to the donor as soon as the donor makes the donation

  15. When will Bangalore Cares give the money to the NGO?

    Disbursements for all donations raised from the TCS World 10k Bangalore 2014, will be done by June 30 2014 to the respective NGOs.

  16. What is “Online Giving”?

    This is a quick and easy way to collect money for an NGO or charity of your choice. You provide details of why you’re raising funds for a cause close to your heart and create Online Giving webpage that your friends and family can visit and donate on through a secure payment gateway. Bangalore Cares will then transfer the amount you have collected to your chosen charity. Online Giving provides you with a simple and convenient platform to collect money for a good cause. The donor too gets instant e-receipt. You can also reach out to people outside Bangalore.

     An online page can be linked to only one charity. If you wish to support multiple charities then you will need to create multiple pages.

    The names of the donors, their email ids and the amount they have contributed through your Online Giving page are accessible to you when you login to your page.

    Your pledge page will be valid till 31st May 2014. Once the end date is reached, your page can only be viewed, but it will not be possible to donate on the page.

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