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Name Country/Year of Birth Best Time
Mosinet Geremew ETH/1992 27:36

Double defending champion Mosinet Geremew will return to the streets of Bangalore. He is well-known in India as he won the Hyderabad 10k in 2012, finished third in Delhi in 2014 and was runner-up in 2015. His career started in 2011 with a victory in the Great Ethiopian Run. He developed to a strong road racer with podium places in Delhi, Prague, Peachtree, Yangzhou and Houston. Last year he ran his first 10.000m at the Ethiopian trials for the World Championships. He qualified for Beijing and finished 11th.

2017 Xiamen Marathon 2nd 2:10:20
2016 TCS Bangalore 10km 1st 28:36
2016 Yangzhou Half Marathon 1st 60:43
2015 New Delhi Half Marathon 2nd 59:21
2015 World Championships 10.000m 11th 28:07.50
2015 TCS World 10k Bangalore 1st 28:16
2015 Yangzhou Half Marathon 1st 59:52
2015 RAK Half Marathon 1st 60:05
2014 Delhi Half Marathon 3rd 59:11
2014 Prague Half Marathon 2nd 59:54
2012 Hyderabad 10k 1st 27:36
Leonard Komon KEN/1988 26:44 WR

World Record holder 10km and 15km, Leonard Komon, will compete in India for the first time in his career.

2017 World Cross Championships 12th
2016 Istanbul Half Marathon 4th 60:48
2015 Prague Half Marathon 3rd 59:57
2014 Berlin Half Marathon 1st 59:14
2014 New Orleans 10km 1st 27:44
2013 Berlin 10km 1st 27:48
2012 Dam tot Damloop 10EM 1st 44.48
2011 Eugene Diamond League 10.000m 9th 26.55.29
2010 Zevenheuvelenloop 15km 1st 41:13 WR
2010 Utrecht Singelloop 10km 1st 26:44 WR
2008 World Championships Cross 2nd
2006 World Junior Championships Cross 2nd
Zane Robertson NZL/1989 27:28

Former World Record holder Patrick Makau will come to India for the first time in his impressivsadfasdfsadf

2016 Olympic Games 10.000m 12th 27:33:67 NR
2016 Berlin 10km 1st 27:28
2015 Marugame Half Marathon 1st 59:47 NR
2015 Eugene Diamond League 10.000m 17th 27:46.82
2014 Continental Cup 5.000m 2nd 13:29.27
2014 Commonwealth Games 5.000m 3rd 13:16.52
2013 Heusden Nacht van de Atletiek 5.000m 9th 13:13.83
Birhanu Legese ETH/1994 27:34

Birhanu Legese has recorded some fast times for 10k and 5000m on the track. He ran a fast 27:34 in Morocco in 2013. In 2015 he made his half marathon debut in Berlin where he outsprinted the Kenyans and won in 59:45, which is one of the fastest times ever recorded by a debutant. Later that year he won Airtel Delhi Half Marathon in a trilling sprint against compatriot Mosinet Geremew, WR Holder Half Marathon Zersenay Tadesse and two strong of Kenya’s strong road racers both Edwin Kiptoo and Jonathan Maiyo. His 59.20 PB he set in Delhi that year also was the 3rd fastest time of 2015.

2016 RAK Half Marathon 1st 60:40
2015 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 1st 59:20
2015 Berlin Half Marathon 1st 59:45
2014 Diamond League Shanghai 5.000m 6th 13:08.88
2013 TCS World 10k Bangalore 3rd 28:16
2013 Taroudant 10k 2nd 27:34
2012 Great Ethiopian Run 10k 2nd 28:41
Mumin Gala DJI/1986 27:51

Mumin set his Djiboutian NR 5.000m back in 2011 at the Birmingham Grand Prix. Suffering various injuries during his career which kept him off track frequently, Mumin did knew to gather a good set of impressive results such as his 27.51 10km road PB and a 12th place at the Rio Olympic Marathon.

2017 Rabat Half Marathon 3rd 62:41
2016 Olympic Games Marathon 12th 2:13:04
2016 Hamburg Marathon 12th 2:14:36
2014 Abu Dhabi 10km Sheikh Zayed 3rd 27:51
2014 African Championships 5.000m 7th 14:02.16
2012 FBK Games Hengelo 10.000m 14th 28:23.46
2012 Olympic Games 5.000m 13th 13:50.26
2011 Birmingham Grand Prix 5.000m 10th 13:17.77 NR
Alex Korio KEN/1990 27:52

Alex Korio, the winner of the TCS World 10k in 2013, will line up in Bangalore for the fourth time this year. After his victory in Bangalore, he took podium places in various road races. He improved his personal best for half marathon to 59:28 in Copenhagen.

2017 Paris Half Marathon 3rd 60:42
2016 TCS Bangalore 10km 5th 28:49
2015 Sao Silvestre Luanda 10k 1st 28:45
2015 Copenhagen Half marathon 2nd 59:28
2014 Azkoitia-Azpeitia Half Marathon 1st 59:58
2013 TCS Bangalore 10km 1st 28:07
2010 Tout Rennes Court 10k 3rd 27:52
Mule Wasihun ETH/1993 27:57

The early leader last year during the TCS Bangalore 10km, Mule Wasihun, finished 9th in that edition after taking a wrong turn at 6km and being chased by a dog not much further down the course. A remarkable story and memory for the shy Ethiopian. Mule is a strong Ethiopian athlete who trains with coach Getaneh Tessema. This year he improved his personal best in marathon to an impressive time of 2:05:44.

2017 Dubai Marathon 2nd 2:06:46
2016 World Championships Half Marathon 8th 61:11
2016 TCS Bangalore 10km 9th 29:15
2016 Dubai Marathon 5th 2:05:44
2015 Seven hills race 15k 2nd 43:02
2015 Dubai Marathon 11th 2:10:57
2014 Tout Rennes Court 10k 2nd 28:14
2014 Paris Half Marathon 1st 60:08
2013 Marseille-Cassis 20k 1st 60:09
2013 Tout Rennes Court 10k 4th 27:57
Abrar Osman ERI/1994 28:05
2016 World Championships Half Marathon 7th 60:58
2016 Dam tot Damloop 10EM 3rd 46:12
2016 Olympic Games 5.000m 10th 13:09.56
2016 FBK Games Hengelo 5.000m 2nd 13:04.12
2015 World Championships 10.000m 6th 27:43.21
2015 All African Games 5.000m 4th 13:23.79
2015 Delhi Half Marathon 7th 60:39
2014 Corrida de Houilles 10km 2nd 28:05
2014 African Championships 5.000m 3rd 13:36.42
2014 African Championships Cross 9th
2012 World Junior Championships 5.000m 2nd 13:40.52
2011 World Youth Championships 3.000m 3rd 7:40.89
2010 Youth Olympic Games 3.000m 1st 8:07.24
Solomon Deksisa ETH/1994 28:14
2017 Tokyo Marathon 12th 2:09:31
2016 Rotterdam Marathon 2nd 2:06:22
2014 San Diego Half Marathon 1st 60:12
2013 Ethiopian Junior Championships 10.000m 2nd 29:31.2 (A)
2012 New Orleans 10km 1st 28:14
2012 Ethiopian Championships 10.000m 2nd 29:11.4 (A)
2011 World Youth Championships 3.000m 4th 7:42.10
Bonsa Dida ETH/1995 28:16
Edwin Kiptoo KEN/1987 28:20

Edwin Kiptoo is a typical road runner, as he runs 10km, half marathons and paces full marathons. He will travel to India for the second time this year as he was one of the pacemakers in this year’s Mumbai marathon. A few weeks later, Edwin ran an impressive personal best for half marathon in The Hague. He became third in the CPC race in 59:35.

2016 Dam tot Damloop 10EM 1st 45:25
2016 World Championships Half Marathon 9th 61:21
2016 RAK Half Marathon 7th 61:00
2015 New Delhi Half Marathon 4th 59:26
2015 TCS Bangalore 10km 3rd 28:20
2015 Dam tot Damloop 10EM 1st 45:19
2015 CPC Half Marathon 3rd 59:35
2015 RAK Half Marathon 4th 60:11
2014 Oelder Citylauf 10k 2nd 28:32
2013 Zwolle Half Marathon 1st 61:19
2012 Berlin 25k 4th 1:12:39
Abdallah Mande UGA/1995 28:20

Abdallah Mande surprised everyone in 2013 by winning the Ugandan 5.000m championships in 13:30 (second fastest ever in Uganda) and beating all pre-race favorites like Moses Kipsiro and Geoffrey Kusuro. This victory gave him a spot in the team for the African Junior Championships. He won silver in the 5.000m and was fourth in the 10.000m. In 2015, Abdallah became fifth in the 10.000m at the World Junior Championships even though he was suffering from malaria. Since the beginning of 2016, Abdallah trains at home in Kapchorwa together with World Junior Champion Joshua Cheptegei.

2017 World Cross Championships 16th
2016 Trento 10km 1st 28:47
2016 African Championships 10.000m 9th 28:21.92
2016 TCS Bangalore 10km 4th 28:46
2016 African Championships Cross 8th
2015 Corrida de Houilles 10k 3rd 28:20
2015 Leiden 10.000m 2nd 28:12.72
2014 Hemmeromloop 10k 1st 28:38
2014 FBK Games 3000m 11th 7:48.12
2014 World Junior Championships 10.000m 5th 28:53.77
2013 African Junior Championships 5.000m 2nd 13:55.10
Paul Kipsiele Koech KEN/198 28:25

For years Paul Kipsiele Koech dominated the 3000mst scene at the international track meetings. Paul only made his road debut late 2015 by running Berlin 10km. In March 2017 he debut in half marathon crossing 28.04 at 10km finishing just above 61’. Paul holds the 3rd fastest 3000mst time ever run. Besides that he won two medals at major outdoor Championships. Silver from World Indoor Championships and Bronze from Olympic Games. Paul run 9 sub 8.00 3000mst races in his career boosting an impressive average over his best 10 steeple races of 7:58.01!

2017 Rotterdam Marathon 15th 2:12:02
2017 City Pier City Half Marathon 5th 61:03
2016 Monaco Diamond League 2nd 8:08.32
2016 Birmingham Diamond League 2nd 8:10.19
2013 World Championships 3000mst 4th 8:08.62
2012 Rome Diamond League 3000mst 1st 7:54.31
2009 World Championships 3000mst 4th 8:01.26
2008 World Indoor Championships 3000m 2nd 7:49.05
2006 African Championships 3000mst 1st 8:11.03
2005 World Championships 3000mst 7th 8:19.14
2004 Olympic Games 3000mst 3rd 8:06.64
2003 All African Games 3000mst 2nd 8:14.77
Hiskel Tewelde ERI/1986 debut


2017 Houston Half Marathon 3rd 61:17
2016 Zevenheuvelenloop 15km 3rd 43:06
2016 Gouden Spike 10.000m 3rd 27:30.50
2016 World Championships Half Marathon 17th 63:26
2015 Valencia Half Marathon 4th 60:31
2015 All African Games Half Marathon 3rd 63:39
2015 Goteborg Half Marathon 2nd 61:19
2015 Yangzhou Half Marathon 6th 60:29
2014 Montferlandrun 15km 1st 43:27


Irene Cheptai KEN/1992 debut

Irene surprised last March by taking Gold at the World Cross Championships in Kampala. Coached by famous Italian coach Renato Canova, Irene’s career started to take a leap forward crowned by a gold medal at World Cross. Irene combines all surfaces but primarily focus is on track and cross country. She will be running first time in 2017 TCS World 10k Bengaluru. She took her first international medal at the World Junior Cross Championships in 2008 where she won Silver only losing in a finishing sprint from Genzebe Dibaba.

2017 World Championships Cross 1st
2017 Kenyan Cross Championships 1st
2016 Payton Jordan 10.000m 1st 31:15.38
2016 Eugene Diamond League 5.000m 6th 14:43.42
2015 World Championships 5.00m 7th 15:03.41
2015 Eugene Diamond League 5.000m 6th 14:53.32
2015 Eugene Diamond League 5.000m 6th 14:53.32
2014 Nairobi Diamond 10K Run 2nd 31.45
2013 World Championships Cross 10th
2008 World Junior Championships Cross 2nd
2007 World Youth Championships 3.000m 7th 9:22.05
Gladys Chesir KEN/1994 30:41

Gladys Chesir is the fastest lady of 2015 as she ran the world leading time of 30:41 in Berlin which places her in the all-time top 10 in this distance. She also has good memories of India as she finished 3rd in Bangalore and Delhi last year. Gladys recently improved her personal best in 10k and half marathon with 1,5 minute.

2017 Prague Half Marathon 5th 67:51
2016 Airtel New Delhi Half Marathon 4th 68:23
2016 Copenhagen Half Marathon 4th 68:20
2016 Kenyan Olympic 10.000m Trials 3rd 31:17.35 (A)
2016 World Half Marathon Championships 6th 68:46
2016 RAK Half Marathon 5th 66:57
2015 Kenyan Championships 10.000m 3rd 32:10.61
2015 Bangalore 10k 3rd 32:12
2015 Yangzhou Half Marathon 6th 69:17
2014 Seven hills race 15k 3rd 48:43
Wude Ayalew ETH/1978 31:07

Wude Ayalew is a well-known face in India. She is the former course record holder in Bangalore 10k. Last year she came 3rd and in 2015 the runner-up in Bangalore. She also is the 2012 Delhi half marathon champion. Wude has already finished an impressive track career, with a bronze medal at the 2009 World Championships and the 11th fastest time in history for 10.000m (30:11.87). Nowadays she focuses more on 10k and half marathon races on the road.

2016 Shanghai Marathon 3rd 2:27:08
2016 TCS World 10k Bangalore 3rd 32:33
2015 TCS World 10k Bangalore 2nd 32:10
2014 Great Ethiopian Run 10k 1st 34:04
2013 New Delhi Half Marathon 5th 69:21
2012 New Delhi Half Marathon 1st 71:10
2011 World Cross Country Championships 6th
2010 TCS World 10k Bangalore 1st 31:58
2010 New Delhi Half Marathon 3rd 68:36
2009 World Championships 10.000m 3rd 30:51.95
2009 Utrecht 10.000m 3rd 30:11.87
Sofiya Shemsu ETH/1994 31:23
Helah Kiprop KEN/1985 67:39

Helah Kiprop is well-known in India, she was the TCS World 10k Champion in 2012 and she won Cochin Half Marathon in 2013. She is an all-round athlete, holding personal best of 31:44 for 10k, 67:39 for half marathon and 2:24:03 in the marathon. Last year she won the silver medal at the World Marathon Championships in Beijing. Early this year she won the prestigious Tokyo marathon.

2016 Tokyo Marathon 1st 2:21:27
2015 World Championships Marathon 2nd 2:27:36
2015 Istanbul Half Marathon 2nd 68:23
2015 Tokyo Marathon 2nd 2:24:03
2014 Seoul International Marathon 1st 2:27:29
2014 RAK Half Marathon 4th 68:36
2013 TCS World 10k Bangalore 6th 32:26
2013 Cochin Half Marathon 1st 71:54
2013 Berlin Half Marathon 1st 67.54
2012 TCS Bangalore 10k 1st 32:22
Magdalyne Masai KEN/1993 31:44

The former track athlete started running road races in 2016. Magdalyne Masai has been running on the track since 2011. She competed in the 3000mSC and 5.000m. One of her first road race was the TCS World 10k last year.

2017 New York Healthy Kidney 10k 2nd 31:44
2016 Roma-Ostia Half Marathon 3rd 67:31
2015 All-Africa Games 3000mSC 4th 9:56.76
2015 Diamond League Birmingham 3000mSC 5th 9:29.16
2015 Diamond League Shanghai 5000m 7th 14:58.54
2013 San Silverstre 10k Madrd 4th 32:37
Worknesh Degefa ETH/1990 31:53

Worknesh Degefa is specialized in the half marathon and is very competitive over this distance. She has been running 22 half marathon in the past four years, and finished 15 times in top three position. She set her personal best of 66:14 this year in Prague. It will be her first appearance in Delhi and she hopes to break her personal best of the fast course of Delhi.

2017 Dubai Marathon 1st 2:22:36
2016 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 1st 66:42
2016 Prague Half Marathon 2nd 66:14
2016 Rome-Ostia Half Marathon 1st 67:08
2015 All-Africa Games Half Marathon 2nd 72:42
2015 Prague Half Marathon 1st 67:14
2015 Goteborg Half Marathon 1st 68:13
2014 Lisbon Half Marathon 1st 68:46
2014 Goteborg Half Marathon 1st 70:12
2013 Rome-Ostia Half Marathon 3rd 67:49
2013 Yangzhou Half Marathon 1st 68:43
Karolina Nadolska POL/1981 32:10

Karolina Nadolska is of the top Polish runners, who has won podium places in races like Osaka marathon and Frankfurt marathon She is the double Lodz marathon champion. She has represented Poland at the 2012 London Olympics, the 2013 World Championships, the 2010 and 2012 World Half Marathon Champions and the 2010 and 2014 European Championships.

2017 Vancouver Sun Run 1st 32:39
2016 Madrid San Silvestre Vallecana 2nd 32:13
2014 Lodz Marathon 1st 2:28:12
2014 Osaka Marathon 2nd 2:26:31
2013 World Championships 10.000m 15th 32:54.15
2012 Berlin Half Marathon 4th 70:56
2011 Yokohama Women’s Marathon 5th 2:27:16
Failuna Matanga TAN/ 32:48

Failuna has run many races in Brazil, and took victories in the Sao Paulo 10k, Rio de Janeiro Corida de Sao Sebastiao, Belo Horizonte half marathon and the Sao Paulo half marathon. This year she finished 16th at the World Cross Country Championships in Kampala. She performs well in warm conditions like Brazil and Kampala and hopes this will be an advantage for her in Bangalore. Failuna comes from the same region in Tanzania as Mumbai winner Alphonce Simbu.

2017 World Cross Country Championships 16th -
2016 Santos Tribuna 10k 2nd 32:48
2016 Rio de Janeiro 10k 1st 33:59
2015 Sao Paulo 10k 1st 34:00
2015 Belo Horizonte Half Marathon 1st 74:00
Ababel Yeshaneh ETH/1991 33:04

Ababel Yeshaneh is an allround athlete who combines track and road races. She has represented Ethiopia at the 2013 World Championships in the 10.000m and at the 2016 Olympic Games in the 5000m. Last November in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon she surprised by running a 2 minute PB and finish 2nd.

2017 Lisbon Half Marathon 6th 70:13
2016 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2nd 67:52
2016 Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro 14th 15:18.26
2016 Olympic Trials 10.000m 8th 30:54.12
2016 Diamond League Rabat 5th 14:41.58
2016 Adana Half Marathon 1st 69:36
2015 Doha Half Marathon 1st 71:11
2014 Lisbon Half Marathon 4th 72:11
2013 World Championships 10.000m 9th 32:02.09
2013 Ostrava 10.000m 4th 30:35.91
2011 Milano Stramilano 1st 69:54
Netsanet Gudeta ETH/1991 33:14

Netsanet made her breakthrough in 2013 by winning the competitive Great Ethiopian Run. A few months later she made her half marathon debut and she was chosen to represent Ethiopia at the World Half Marathon Championships where she won the silver team medal. In 2015 she got another chance to represent her country at the World Cross Country Championships, where she took the third place.

2016 Ethiopian Trials 10.000m 4th 30:36.75
2016 World Half Marathon Championships 4th 68:01
2015 Valencia Half Marathon 1st 67:31
2015 Tout Rennes Court 10 1st 15:22
2015 Ethiopian 10.000m trials 6th 31:06.53
2015 World Cross Country Championships 3rd -
2014 TCS World 10k Bangalore 6th -
2014 World Half Marathon Championships 6th 68:45
2013 Great Ethiopian Run 1st 33:24
Nazret Weldu ERI/1990 33:22

Nazret is the leading Eritrean female athlete for the past years. Having competed in various international championships representing Eritrea.

2017 World Cross Championships 35th
2016 Hengelo 10.000m 13th 32:58.28 NR
2015 World Cross Championships 11th
2014 African Championships Cross 10th
2013 World Cross Championships 19th
Desi Jisa BRN/1997 33:35


2017 Azkoitia Azpeitia Half Marathon 1st 69:25
2017 World Cross Championships 32nd
2016 Oelde 10km 3rd 33:35
2015 World Junior Cross Championships 8th
2014 Youth Olympic Games 800m 2nd 2:11.39
Mimi Belete BRN/1988 Debut


2017 Verona Half Marathon 1st 69:15 CR
2016 Doha Diamond League 3.000m 12th 8:51.00
2015 World Championships 5.000m 11th 15:17.01
2015 Heusden 5.000m 1st 15:54.71
2014 Doha Diamond League 3.000m 8th 8:30.00
2014 Paris Diamond League 1.500m 7th 4:00.08